South African Artist, Yoko Reijn

Dutch artist currently living in Van Wyksdorp. Besides working as an artist, she also works as a yoga teacher and as a meditation teacher.She investigates the layers of her art as an internal landscape: Expression in colour and texture inspired by richness of life. Communication between the subject, the medium, the surface, and herself.Painting always has been part of her life. In earlier years with her father, they painted the beautiful things they saw outside like flowers. Back then in Europe she only used water colour. Growing up over the years she developed herself more inward and now her paintings are far more reflections of inner processes.Her work aims to express the internal landscape which is beyond language. Often this internal process is not known and the art of expressing makes it visible and she starts understanding.For her the resultant art work is a form of communicating her own unique way of expression.This process takes place while using and exploring fullness and intensity of colour of paint as well as investigating texture using brush, painters knife and any other tool she can lay her hand on.
1990 solo exhibition in Germany and 2013 in George.
Selected group exhibitions at Strijdom Gallery and at Museum George.
As a member of South Cape Association Visual Arts various exhibitions in George.
Currently exhibiting at locations in the Klein Karoo and Swellendam.