South African Artist, Anthony Gadd

Anthony has been passionate about Art since his early school days in the Eastern Cape. Initially his focus was more on watercolours, with nudes, wildlife and landscapes as his primary subjects. Recently Anthony has been exploring metal paintings. These came about through trying to create a metallic feel on canvas. Later he moved to actual metal. Its rust properties gave it an organic and unique appearance. At first it seemed hard, strange and non-absorbent compared to canvas. As he experimented, he saw the different effects one could obtain, particularly when the unpredictability of rusting areas is involved. Many, many sheets of metal later, he came to understand this new media and to enjoy its special properties. Working in bright dynamic colour combinations, Anthony also continues to do Landscapes in acrylics, focusing on areas of the Cape and Karroo. He has matured his original, more realistic style to become looser, fresher and more abstract.