South African Artist, Alexis Bester

Travelling through time Acrylic   50x50cm Sold

Travelling through time
Acrylic 50x50cm

Born 1962 in Oranjemund, Namibia. He paints in a relative simplistic way to reintroduce the viewer to a child-like vision of the mystery and wonder in everyday things and events. Most of Alexis’s recent compositions contain simple geometric forms and subjects painted from his imagination. His rural backdrop is painted in single point perspective although he would sometimes make use of multiple viewpoints and paint multiple picture planes. This creates interesting perspective with little distinction between foreground and background. Alexis use strong shadows often exaggerating in darkness of tone to create depth and enhance the surreal quality of his work. His medium is mainly oil paint on either board or canvas. He draws his composition in charcoal and adds preliminary shades and colour by mixing paint and turpentine. The painting is then allowed to dry before he starts to work through the painting, applying paint only and mixing colours as needed. Alexis primarily uses flat brushes, but also uses round brushes, pallet knives and his fingers.